Haiti - A country of Contradictions

October 2012
by Deena C. Bouknight

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October 2012

Slowly, the Haitian driver maneuvers over bumpy, rocky roads—and then accelerates at bursts of breakneck speed down the few paved roads. Our conspicuously white faces witness bizarre sights from the van’s windows: men urinating , severely malnourished dogs mating, children hanging upside down against a crumbling wall, a boy rolling a tire down a dried-up riverbed with a Sprite bottle attached to a stick, children pointing and smiling, and roadside tables of mangoes, feminine protection, sunglasses. Ankle-deep, smoldering garbage. Rubble spilled into the alleyways from earthquake-compromised buildings. Deafening honking, screeching brakes, and no traffic laws. Women walking erect with loads as large as a basket of live chickens balanced carefully on their heads. An irrigation system capturing water from high atop a mountain and rushing it past bony horses and a naked, bathing woman. Voodoo chants and drumbeats leading dancers winding through street vendors.

Haiti is a country of contradictions. Vibrant bougainvillea drape over razor-wire walls. Landscapes of garbage sit against a backdrop of picturesque mountains. People enamored with Jesus while working to appease Voodoo deities. Men and women emerging neatly dressed from densely packed tent cities. Children in uniforms attending schools in dilapidated buildings.

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