Hector & Laurie Pineda: So that’s what evangelism looks like

May 2015 - Community
by Dawn Gonzalez

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May 2015 - Community

Out of breath and overwhelmed, Hector Pineda fell to his knees on the side of Rimer Pond Road in Blythewood. A marathon runner with a six figure salary as a nationally ranked finance manager for Harley Davidson, he had been unable to shake the niggling vision from the night before. He decided to go for a run to clear his head. His sleep had been fitful as he dreamed of a silent Jesus who gestured randomly. His hands were in the posture of having just counted to four.

As he ran, the Lord revealed the vision’s meaning in Hector’s heart: I died, and it was for you. It had nothing to do with the number four and everything to do with an invitation to Come, follow me, from the Man whose thumbs were visible through nail-pierced palms. When Hector was again able to stand, he ran home to tell his wife—a three-month-old Christian—and has not stopped running hard for Christ ever since.

Today, eight years later, Hector and his wife, Laurie, minister to an internationally eclectic community on a stretch of Decker Boulevard dubbed The International Corridor. On an otherwise ordinary Tuesday in April 2014, they opened the doors to the Northeast Market and Coffee House in the old Taco Bell building. Although it seemed like an inopportune

Why did Christ die for you?   www.whyhedied.org

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