Hello-This is Birthright of Columbia

January 2017 - Cover Story
by Jean Wilund

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January 2017 - Cover Story

The phone rang in the little house at 1405 Gregg Street in downtown Columbia. Hank Chardos prayed as he reached for the phone and an opportunity to change a life. Maybe even save a life.

“Hello. This is Birthright of Columbia. How can I help you?”

A young female almost whispered into the phone. “What does your billboard mean ‘Pregnant? Worried?’”

“I’m glad you called. I’m Hank, and we want to walk with you through this. . .”

The phone rings at Birthright of Columbia every day. For Hank, his wife Sally, and their staff of caring volunteers, answering the phone remains a primary responsibility, because behind every ring is a frightened young woman or her parents, and sometimes a worried, single dad. They’ve answered phones and offered help and hope for 37 years, grateful to be a part of God moving thousands of women from desperation to celebration.

Birthright of Columbia, one of 230 chapters of Birthright International, extends hope to those facing unplanned pregnancies, regardless of age, race, religion, marital status, or financial situation. Even though each client receives free, confidential services, the greatest benefits can’t be measured in dollars.

They’re measured in the tears of joy and relief of the woman who told Hank she now has a 15-year-old daughter because she came to Birthright 15 years earlier.

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