I Have Overcome

Summer 2008 - Restoring Humpty Dumpty
by Blake Butler

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Igrew up by the seaside in the perfect beach town, with weekend barbeques and annual neighborhood get-togethers. The perfect place to grow up, one might think. I have two sisters, and I land smack in the middle. With an artist and a hairstylist as a father and a nurse for a mother, our house was never boring. Both were actively involved in our local youth group, so as you can imagine, our house was continuously full of teenagers. 

Summers were exciting and vibrant, and winters in our home were festive and full of tradition. My parents prided themselves on the Christian values that were instilled in my sisters and me from the start, and on our intimacy as a family. The perfect life from the outside, but indeed tragedy hit shortly after I started kindergarten. I began to be sexually abused by an older kid in the neighborhood. Unaware of its immorality, but uneasy of its possible consequences, I remained quiet to the public and kept my secret of shame. I kept that secret for nearly 14 years.

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