International School Project

April 2018 - Feature Article
by Noelle Gebel

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April 2018 - Feature Article

Who influences every socio-economic, cultural, and religious segment of every community in every society? What is the largest group of trained professionals in the world?


Alexander Solzhenitsyn, recipient of the Nobel peace prize in 1970, said, “The truth is, we must not begin with school children, but teachers; the cream of the nation. They are people with the calling to whom we entrust our future.”  In 1990, a former minister of education in Russia said, “In 1917, we asked God to leave our country, and he did. Now we want him back. Can you help us?”

The International School Project, a movement to reach teachers, began in response to this urgent need. Today this movement impacts 29 countries by reaching over 94,000 teachers. These teachers impact 40+ million students.

Transformation in Ecuador against a backdrop of alcoholism, adolescent drug use, gangs, and broken homes, teachers in Ecuador are often overwhelmed and undervalued. When school leaders like Santiago began using the ISP curriculum in their schools last year, they saw things change for the better.

Many teachers are introduced to ISP through educational conferences. The Dream-Maker/Dream Breaker conference uses professional teaching techniques to train teachers to prevent drug and alcohol abuse. By addressing these significant, worldwide problems, this four-day conference has opened many doors for ISP to reach teachers in more than two dozen countries.

Why did Christ die for you?

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