Into the Unknown

September 2012 - Everyday Life
by Dawn C. González

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September 2012 - Everyday Life

She speaks to me in Spanish now, and there is no gracious way out of this predicament. I cannot respond to words I don’t understand, and she can no longer find her English. She is blissfully unaware, and I pray Lord, give me a word, just one word I recognize that I might reply appropriately.

Is this what she does? Pray for a recognizable something to respond appropriately to, while she slips back into the pool of natal knowledge that was before the worldly connections were made in her brain? This world has become her womb in which to gestate until her birth into the next. All she knows from this world is liquefying into murky amniotic fluid that will carry her away from us. We her children cup our hands to collect it and gather it back to her in vain. It is slipping through our fingers. And even floodgates of love cannot keep her from leaking and seeping away. She is leaving us: Noemi, my mother-in-law.

I want to be Ruth, but she has been so much more graceful in this than we her children. We panic, prompt her, quiz her, frantic for her to remember, as if we can will a thing into being so.

Why did Christ die for you?

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