The Value of One

December 2017 - Feature Article
by Meredith Mills

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December 2017 - Feature Article

My mind reeled with confusion and anger. Relentless tears streamed down my face. It was all I could do to suppress the guttural wail rising from deep inside me.

My husband and I were on a mission trip in Bangkok, Thailand, working with The Christian Prison Ministry Foundation (CPMF). The scope of their influence is vast – from leading evangelistic meetings in Bangkok’s prisons, to taking in prisoners’ children who would otherwise be on the streets. We had ministered in a prison that morning and were on our way to dinner when a beggar woman caught our attention. She sat on the sidewalk surrounded by three small children, two of whom looked about the age of my own little ones.

We purchased a small snack and took it back to her. Our missionary friend spoke with her in Thai as we handed juice and cashews to her children. But each set of little eyes just stared blankly at us. They didn’t touch what we offered. When we walked away, the woman pocketed the snack, presumably to sell after we were gone.

From talking with the beggar woman, our friend discerned that the children did not truly belong to her. “Often,” the missionary said, “these children are kidnapped and then forced to beg on the streets with their ‘mothers.’”

Why did Christ die for you?

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