It’s Time to REVIVE, Columbia

January 2014 - Community
by Marcia Bradberry

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January 2014 - Community

Reverend Eddie Guess knows revival is coming to Columbia. He believes God told him so.The 82-year-old retired preacher, whom many consider the patriarch of Columbia
area pastors, prayed with tears at a recent Time to Revive gathering, “You are going to do something in Columbia, South Carolina. I know it. I can declare it. I am so confident. I am so glad to be a part of this. This Gospel shall be preached, and will be preached to all . . .”

Guess has paid the prayer-price on his knees before God, and in his spirit God has confirmed that revival is coming. Guess is not the only man in Columbia who’s been praying for revival. In 1988, the Holy Spirit moved Tim Hanley, who would later serve as assistant pastor at Cornerstone and Chapin Presbyterian Churches, to begin praying every day that God would revive the Columbia church. He, too, declares that revival is coming, but believes it will come hand in hand with God’s judgment. “Biblically and historically, God revives his people to prepare them for the wrath that’s coming on a nation,”

Hanley says. “Romans 1 tells us that our nation is under his wrath, but he will revive his bride in America before he pours out his wrath. Revival is coming.”

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