It’s Not Just About Dance

September 2016 - Feature Article
by Jean Wilund

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September 2016 - Feature Article

As the audience craned their necks to look, their eyes rested not on the stage where the South Carolina Christian Dance Theater (SCCDT) would soon begin their performance, but on a frail, nine-year-old girl with a beautiful, bald head and a brilliant smile. Lilly Grace Broughton mustered the strength to stand and wave, knowing she would have been standing on the stage with her fellow dancers if brain cancer hadn’t changed her plans eight months earlier. Instead, she sat in the audience and cheered them on—just like they’ve been cheering her on since the cancer’s onset. Aliza McMahon, a seventh-year student with SCCDT, verbalized what Lilly Grace’s smile expressed, “It’s not just about dance.”

Entering through their wooden double doors off St. Andrews Road, visitors meet owner and founder Cynthia Dewar, a vivacious brunette with smiling brown eyes and a passion for Christ and dance. They sense they’ve walked into something unique as Cynthia and her staff gather the students together for Bible study, prayer, or to discuss their next outreach project.

SCCDT wants to do more than train their students to become highly skilled dancers. They also want to develop bold messengers of the gospel and generous community leaders.

Why did Christ die for you?

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