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September 2018 - Feature Article
by Anna Wilson

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September 2018 - Feature Article

A woman sat in Grady Phillips’ office in Winnsboro, SC, trying to decide which gravestone she wanted for herself. Phillips, working in the family-owned business, Phillips Granite Company, explained the various marker options and prices. She explained how the doctor had told her she had only a few weeks left to life and needed to get her affairs in order.
Phillips asked questions to discover exactly what she wanted, and she quickly decided on a marker. Then Phillips took the conversation to a far more important subject. In simple, yet effective words, he explained the gospel to her.
In Phillips’ office that day, a dying woman accepted the living God and asked Jesus to be her Savior. The woman passed away just six weeks later, but Phillips knew she went on to an abundant, eternal life.
Phillips hadn’t always shared the gospel so boldly or easily.
“Before, I thought evangelism was simply displaying a different lifestyle. But I came to realize that if I never opened my mouth and used my words to witness, then others would never understand the reason for the difference,” Phillips said.
Much of this realization came after he joined the Fairfield County Camp of The Gideons International in 1990. He joined after a member of The Gideons International spoke in his church.

Why did Christ die for you?

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