Love Loud

December 2015 - Community
by Margie Hoffman Johnson

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December 2015 - Community

Jerry Long didn’t want Shandon Baptist church to be known as “that big church on Forest Drive.” Instead, he hoped it would be known as “that big church on Forest Drive that cares about Columbia.” From this desire, LoveLoud was born.

Originally called Caring for Columbia, LoveLoud is the name of Shandon Baptist Church’s annual September workday. It began in 2007 with a few church wide projects involving about 100 volunteers.

A name change and expansion several years ago restructured the outreach to allow individual Sunday school classes to take on projects. Six to seven hundred volunteers annually, ranging in age from preschoolers to senior adults, have ministered to the city of Columbia through 40-50 projects. Projects have included feeding lunch to all first responders in Richland County working on that Saturday, helping various schools with landscape needs, and helping local ministries and agencies who do benevolent work in the community.

On a warm morning in September, 29 members of an adultSunday school class at SBC landed on the grounds of a small church in Woodfield Park. Their mission—to help the members of Woodfield Park Baptist church host a carnival to connect with their neighbors.

Debbie Brown, a coordinator for the Johnson class’ participation, had introduced the project by sharing a bit of Woodfield Park Baptist’s history. Founded in the 1960’s, the church

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