Men find Christ in the world

September 2010 - Profile
by Tom Ryan

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September 2010 - Profile

Look around your church. Where are all the men? The sad fact is that we are losing them. Our modern church setting is not attractive or relevant to pre-Christian men. They don’t feel comfortable or welcome. They are also very sure they will be expected to change and conform to some unwritten “Christian” code of conduct which, loosely translated, means “stop doing the things you love to do.”

Ironman Outdoors is addressing this problem. Our tagline says it all: Connecting men to Christ in the outdoors. The concept is simple – put men in an environment where they feel welcome and familiar. We take men on adventure retreats to exceptional outdoor destinations at very affordable prices. Trips are offered year-round and usually focus on fishing, hunting, shrimping, whitewater rafting, or golf. This is an outreach ministry, and we actively invite men of all faiths and pre-Christians to each retreat. This is the perfect outing for a neighbor or co-worker who isn’t ready to come to church yet. Ironman has 11 chapters in three states and is growing rapidly.

After dinner each night of the retreat, we gather for a discussion on manhood. The group talks about the biblical perspective on being a man in today’s pressure-packed world.

Why did Christ die for you?

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