Mentoring Christian students to lead

November 2014 - Community
by Frank Hoecke and Morgan Hamby

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November 2014 - Community

On June 6, 1944, in the town of Normandy, American soldiers stormed the beaches of France, joined multi-lateral forces, promoted patriotism, and honored their fellow soldiers to secure the blessings of freedom. Seventy years later, in the town of Ridgeway, ten students joined a multi-generational community, promoted patriotism, and honored World War II veterans through a group presentation called “Freedom.” Spearheaded by 13-year-old student Doug Ruff, members of the Institute for Cultural Communicators (ICC) commemorated D-Day and honored veterans as part of a town-wide event sponsored by the Merchants of Ridgeway.

The performance showcased the Founding Documents and the words to hymns and patriotic songs from America’s history and emphasized the importance and cost of America’s freedom. After months of preparation and countless articulation and projection exercises, the students of ICC were not just reciting the words of these documents, they were communicating the message behind them.

“Their speeches as well as their interaction with the veterans brought tears to many eyes,” said Charlene Herring, Mayor of Ridgeway. “It was wonderful to see the younger generation interact with the Greatest Generation by sharing the messages of many of our war heroes as well as emulating their leadership skills.”

Why did Christ die for you?

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