Ministering to the Military in Our Midst

November 2017 - Cover Story
by Pam Anderson

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November 2017 - Cover Story

Catelyn is an 18-year-old single soldier, newly assigned to her first posting. A committed Christian, she longs to be built up by the body of Christ, but has no transportation. After catching a ride a couple of times to a local church, Catelyn quit going when no one engaged her before or after the services.

Nathan, a reservist, finds himself struggling with PTSD upon returning from combat. He can’t relate to anyone anymore, not his wife, not his kids. He’s angry, and no one understands.

Laura is a military spouse arriving at a new duty station where she knows no one. As the moving truck pulls in, Laura’s husband pulls out, his duffle bag over his shoulder, off to yet another deployment. Her two teenage boys are growing resentful of their dad’s frequent absences, and Laura wonders how she is going to face the next several months on her own.

Although the names are fictional, the above stories are real. They represent the challenges faced by our military personnel on a daily basis. With Fort Jackson literally on Columbia’s front porch, there are many Catelyns, Nathans, and Lauras who are in need of care and support from a loving church.

Why did Christ die for you?

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