Momma Rabbit’s Nibbles & Sips - They’re Allen This Together

May 2017 - Cover Story
by Jean Wilund

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May 2017 - Cover Story

It’s not surprising that a restaurant named Momma Rabbit’s would be owned and run by eight siblings.

What is surprising is that the oldest owner is only 28, and the youngest is 14. Not only are these young siblings running a business while many are still juggling homework, they’re doing it so well regulars line up out the door for a nibble and a sip. If the success of one-year-old Momma Rabbit’s continues to exceed expectations, new locations may pop up all over Columbia like, well, rabbits.

The Allen family celebrated Momma Rabbit’s first anniversary this past January like they do just about everything – together. In fact, togetherness is their family motto: We’re Allen This Together. They’ve been Allen this Together since their parents, Bill and Mandy, moved their family from Marietta, GA, to an organic farm in Irmo. They wanted to instill a solid work ethic into their children and keep them from falling prey to habitual video gaming like many of today’s kids. The siblings worked the land, cared for the animals, and developed a dream of eventually owning their own business — together.

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