More than “just the furniture” - a visit with Joe and Gladys Grimaud

January 2015 - Cover Story
by Jean Wilund

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January 2015 - Cover Story

Joe and Gladys Grimaud exemplify the quintessential story of the American Dream, but their story is anything but typical.

God. Family. Country. Career.

That’s how a Georgia farm boy went from picking peas for 50 cents a bushel to President and CEO of Precision Tune, Inc. It’s also how he’s enjoying his
retirement years as chairman of Grimaud Enterprises Inc. and owner of Chapin Furniture.

More than fifty-seven years ago, Joe met and fell in love with the girl next door—literally. Gladys Cox and her family moved into a trailer next to the Grimaud (Grim-odd) family farm just outside Augusta, Georgia. Joe soon became a fixture in their home, winning Gladys’ heart and her mother’s respect. Her father wasn’t so easily wooed, leading 14-year-old Gladys and 18-year old Joe to stop short on the steps of the Justice of the Peace as they snuck away to elope. “I’m going to get a whipping when I get home,” she told her groom.

Four days later, on January 22, 1957, Joe left for 18 months of military service in Turkey, and Gladys returned to her parent’s home to finish her freshman year in high school. Not a typical start for most marriages. Four years later, she graduated from high school. As salutatorian of her class, Gladys donned her cap and gown in the hospital, cradling her diploma and their newborn son, David Wayne Grimaud.

Why did Christ die for you?

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