Pentecost: What Difference Did it Make?

May 2008 - Round Table
by Mark Ross

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For the Christian Church, the feast of Pentecost occurs 50 days (counting inclusively) after Easter, and thus always falls on a Sunday. This year it is on May 11. It marks the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church in fulfillment of what the prophets, and especially Jesus, foretold. The prominence given to this event, and its importance for the Church, has led to some misunderstandings about the presence and work of the Holy Spirit prior to the first Pentecost after Jesus’ resurrection. Some have supposed that the Holy Spirit was not present or active in the world prior to the day of Pentecost. But in previous ROC articles we have examined the work of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and have found His work to be extensive. Indeed, the Holy Spirit was active in the Old Testament in all the variety of ways in which He acts in the New Testament. The question therefore arises, “What difference did the coming of the Holy Spirit make?”

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