Put the Merry Back in Christmas

November 2013 - Cover Story
by Edie Melson

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November 2013 - Cover Story

Christmas music blared as I pushed through the post office door, juggling two large boxes and a heart full of resentment. Most of my friends were planning homecoming holidays with their first-year-of-college sons and daughters. I was reduced to sending Christmas to my son in a box . . . on the front lines in Iraq.

As I waited in line, doing my best not to let anyone see the tears in my eyes, an older woman tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the boxes. “Do you have a soldier overseas?”
I nodded and swallowed hard. “It’s for my son.” I swallowed again. “It’s his first Christmas away, and he’s in Iraq.”

She shook her head. “My husband recently retired from the military. It was bad enough with a husband away. I don’t think my momma’s heart could have stood sending a son to war.”
Her compassion and acknowledgement broke through my resentment. Someone else understands, I realized. We chatted a few minutes as the line inched forward, and when it was my turn at the counter she slipped a twenty into my hand. “Let him know we all wish he was home.”

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