Rediscovering Joy

November 2015 - Everyday Life
by Lynn Huggins Blackburn

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November 2015 - Everyday Life

I used to love this time of year. Before I grew up.

Before I discovered that buying Christmas presents on a budget is hard work. Before I longed to be in two places at once. Before I spent hours cleaning, preparing, shopping, wrapping. Before I realized that all those decorations would have to be taken down in a few weeks… by me. Before I had somewhere to be 15 out of 25 nights.

Before Christmas became synonymous with exhaustion.

Because before… I would fly through the door and run to the tree. Had mom wrapped more while I was at school? Was there another gift for me?

Before… I would rearrange the gifts, shaking, weighing, trying to guess. Never peeking, because the anticipation was as much fun as whatever delight lay hidden beneath the wrapping.

Before… I would huddle with my sister as we planned Christmas morning. When would we get up? Would she promise to wake me if she woke up first?

Before… I would go to sleep listening to the 24 hours of Christmas music (that started on Christmas Eve instead of the day after Thanksgiving).

Before… the day was filled with gifts—given and received, family, food, and fun.

Why did Christ die for you?

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