Students Abandon Comfort… and Learn Compassion

January 2014 - Cover Story
by Linda Williamson

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January 2014 - Cover Story

Seventeen-year old Michael Beal sleeps in a cardboard box in downtown Columbia. And sometimes he’ll go two nights and a day without eating anything. His youth minister,Trinity Episcopal Cathedral’s Brian Sildorff, is not only aware of it, he approves.

“Being outside in the pouring rain and cold . . . being really hungry, it was awful,” Beal says of his experience, yet 2014 will mark the fifth year he has participated in WorldVision’s 30 Hour Famine. Every year sixth- through twelfth-grade students from Trinity join more than 20,000 youth groups worldwide to raise awareness
and financial resources to help starving children.The 30 Hour Famine is designed to help youth learn the risks of extreme malnutrition and breathe hope into desperate kids around the world.

This year’s event is scheduled for February 21-23 and will be Sildorff’s fifteenth 30 Hour Famine, and his sixth at Trinity. He hopes to become the first youth minister to raise a cumulative total of more than one million dollars for the worldwide project. Approximately 80 students from Trinity will join him in that attempt by asking friends and family to donate to the famine.They will each try to raise $180, which will feed a child for six months.

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