Sue Duffy– the final chapter is still being written

September 2014 - Cover Story
by Lori Hatcher

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September 2014 - Cover Story

Sue Duffy was my editor, my mentor, and my friend.
She introduced herself to me through an email. It is my privilege to join your ranks as ROC’s new editor. Just a week into this role, I am scrambling for traction . . . After eight years as editor of Lake Murray-Columbia Magazine, I know the lifeblood of any publication is its writers—even more so when that bloodline flows from the cross.
We “met” via email, but we bonded over lunch. Sitting across the table at McAlister’s in Forest Acres, she gently plumbed the depths of my writer’s heart and graciously ignored my wet-behind-the-ears glisten. Soon our conversation moved from articles and assignments to hopes and dreams, and I found myself confessing my desire to write a book one day. By the end of our meal I had gained not only an editor, but a mentor and a friend. She had gained my unending respect and admiration.
Sue was the first to assign me a “real” story—a profile piece on a local evangelist. My first draft wasn’t awful, but it missed the mark in several ways. Instead of rejecting it outright, she wrote me a long email explaining how to make it better. She was specific, instructional, and kind.

Why did Christ die for you?

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