Teaching Empathy to Our Children

October 2011 - Here
by Laura Hodges Poole

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October 2011 - Here

Recently, my son Josh and I were surfing the Internet for a particular charity he was interested in. With the click of the mouse, we made a contribution, and he was off to his next activity. But something troubled me about this. It had been too easy to click and run.
My husband and I had been fairly successful in instilling empathy in Josh for those less fortunate. He understands their plight. But I wondered, does he feel it? Do children today grasp the hardships facing those who are barely getting by? How can they, if their own lives are not impacted by this suffering?
Helping others is simple when you write a check and drop it in the mail, or better yet, go online and donate with a click of the mouse. But our children are easily misled by the instantaneous process of helping someone without physically being involved. That kind of giving makes it hard for a child to develop a true servant’s heart and show Christ’s love to a fallen world.
With so many demands upon working parents, though, it’s difficult to carve out time to physically minister to others. But when we don’t, we lose opportunities for teaching empathy to our children.

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