Teen Challenge - Breaking the Chains of Addiction

October 2017 - Feature Article
by Beck Ewing

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October 2017 - Feature Article

Kori crumpled over the edge of her treadmill, emotionally exhausted from fighting. She called her Teen Challenge counselor, “If you don’t pick me up now, I’m going to get high.” After hanging up, Kori unloaded all her pain to the Lord: the abuse, the betrayals, the abandonments, the neglect. “Lord if you can heal me, then heal me!”

Kori and John (JP) Powell know what it means to struggle with substance abuse. And to experience Christ’s deliverance. Now freed from their addictions, they’ve grown to spiritual maturity through the Teen Challenge and Emerging Leaders programs. As the program managers of the new men’s Teen Challenge Center in Columbia, their goal is to bring this same healing and redemption to others.

“Whenever you introduce substances to a broken person, you’re asking for trouble,” explained Kori (25), a petite, athletic brunette with perceptive brown eyes. Kori knows about brokenness. She grew up with an absent father and an addicted mother. When she first tasted alcohol as a teenager, it immediately took control of her. But soon, alcohol wasn’t enough.

Kori’s addictions grew from marijuana, to Xanax, to cocaine, needing more and more narcotic power to escape her inner turmoil. Finally, after attempting to end her life by turning her car into the path of a semi-truck, Kori cried out to God to save her from herself.

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