The House That Goodness Built

January 2011 - Community
by Lori Hatcher

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January 2011 - Community

Every fall for four years, residents of Forest Acres have watched members of Forest Lake Presbyterian Church build a Habitat for Humanity home in their church parking lot. This year was no exception. To the casual onlooker, this year’s home looked no different than the first three. But for those involved with the project, this home was unique in several ways. Even the way it came about was surprising.

Not a committee meeting or a benevolence discussion, the genesis for the 2010 project was a community-wide Thanksgiving service. The annual interfaith event, which brings together several Trenholm Road churches and synagogues, is designed to set aside denominational differences and focus on common ground – God’s goodness. FLPC member Thad Timmons remembers the discussion that followed the 2009 service. “They (the other congregations) had noticed us working on the Habitat house and wanted to be involved.”

From that first discussion, five congregations – two Jewish and three Protestant – committed to partner with Forest Lake Presbyterian to build this year’s Habitat house. Members from Tree of Life Congregation, Beth Shalom Synagogue, St. Michael and All Angels’ Episcopal, North Trenholm Baptist, and Bethel United Methodist churches committed to donate funds and manpower. This year’s Habitat home was built in connection with another joint venture between the congregations, the Forest Acres Green Festival.

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