The Peaceful Wife - April Cassidy

May 2018 - Cover Story
by Anna Wilson

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May 2018 - Cover Story

April met her husband when she was 15 years old at a concert in Columbia. She and her identical twin sister kept hearing two guys talking in the row behind them.

“Are they twins?”

“Do you think they’re twins?”

“You ask them.”

“No, you ask them.”

Eventually one was brave enough to ask, and April met her future husband, Greg. They dated for six years, then got married.

April was excited. To her, marriage meant she and her husband could talk for hours each day. It meant zero problems, and frequent intimacy. It meant they could finally make financial decisions completely on their own and be “real adults.”

Unfortunately, reality was the opposite of all of her expectations. A week after they were married April sprained her back, and it kept her from doing almost anything for several months. Greg didn’t land the engineering job he expected to get right after they married. It took him six years to get that job, so he was often frustrated and discouraged with working jobs for which he was overqualified.

Greg’s parents generously bought their first home for them to help them get on their feet financially. The house needed repairs and updates, so for months Greg stayed up late six nights per week fixing it.

Why did Christ die for you?

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