The Quiet Place NC – A Peaceful Retreat for Body and Soul

October 2018 - Feature Article
by Sarah Bolme

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October 2018 - Feature Article

Stress and burnout are epidemic in America today.

Most working adults rarely take breaks during work, often working through lunch, and through nights and weekends too. One survey by Morar Consulting found that 40 percent of office workers in the United States and Canada feel burned out. In our fast-paced, connected, and noisy world, it is difficult to find a place where your soul can be still, rest, and listen to God.

Quiet. Serene. Peaceful.

These words describe The Quiet Place NC, a spiritual retreat center where weary souls find rest, solace, and a touch from God. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Bakersville, North Carolina, The Quiet Place is a sanctuary for body, soul, and spirit. Souls seeking communion with God find it easy in this beautiful place, surrounded by towering trees, a bubbling stream, cascading waterfalls, and a nature trail. People come to seek solace, healing, direction, and rest and leave having experienced the presence of God.

In 2001, Michael and Cecilia Gallery, long-time Columbia residents, felt the Spirit stirring in their hearts. After almost 30 years practicing law – Michael as a domestic law attorney and Cecilia as a paralegal – this couple sensed God was leading them to a new work.

Why did Christ die for you?

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