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March 2016 - Cover Story
by Lori Hatcher with Brian Hutchens

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March 2016 - Cover Story

If Cathy Hutchens had known the six soldiers from Fort Richardson, Alaska, were going to die in Iraq, she would have shared the Gospel with them.

“As small a base as Fort Richardson is,” she says, “I realized I’d probably stood in line with one of them at the Post Exchange or seen them at the library or movie theater.” When she and other military wives attended the soldiers’ memorial services, she was deeply moved. Not a word was spoken to indicate any of the men had known Christ as their Savior. God, someone has to do something, she prayed.

She didn’t realize until later that her prayer had become her calling.

Cathy’s husband Brian’s call was different. Unlike Cathy’s epiphany, his came as a dawning awareness. A career soldier, he felt drawn toward military ministry. He even tried to change his job in Psychological Operations to Chaplain’s Assistant early in his career, but that occupational door remained closed. He continued to serve in the Psychological Operations community and was deployed several times.

He recognizes now that God was using the years he spent in combat-related fields to prepare him for his future ministry. “I was learning firsthand what it meant to be a believer in the ranks,” Brian says. He took an occasional college-level Bible class and waited.

Why did Christ die for you?

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