What does Josh McDowell think?

January 2010 - Cover Story
by Sue Duffy

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January 2010 - Cover Story

After traveling the world in search of evidence to prove Christianity was a lie, one night in a London museum library, Josh McDowell leaned back in his chair and said out loud, “It’s true.”

That was the beginning of the end for Josh McDowell the agnostic, and the budding of an author-evangelist who would pen more than 100 books, including More Than a Carpenter, the explosive testament of McDowell’s search for truth.

During a recent visit to Columbia, the exuberant and tightly scheduled McDowell granted an interview to talk about books, the Muslim world, Oprah, and some very candid observations. “I did not want to become a Christian,” he says of his early days. But after chasing a paper trail through antiquity, gathering historical documents and testimonies, he concluded two things about the New Testament: “Nothing had changed from the time it was written, and what was written was true. Jesus had actually done that, had actually said that.” But that was an intellectual conclusion, he adds. “I had come to believe the Bible was true, that Jesus had to be the son of God. What brought me to Christ, though, was not all the evidence, but God’s love. Evidence just showed me the Bible was true. Once I knew that, I could then consider its message.”

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