Why We Can Teach the Bible With Confidence

April 2014 - Everyday Life
by Dr. Terry Powell

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April 2014 - Everyday Life

(Adapted from the book Serve Strong: Biblical Encouragement to Sustain God’s Servants)

As a Bible study leader or group facilitator, do you ever lament your lack of formal training or feel inadequate when you compare your abilities to those of other teachers? As a speaker, have you ever listened to a silver-tongued orator or preacher and felt envious because you don’t have the same natural ability to command an audience’s attention? As a Sunday school teacher, have you watched another volunteer’s bubbly personality naturally draw kids in and wished
you weren’t so reserved and introverted?

Does your confidence as a communicator of God’s Word often sag?

As a professor at a Christian college, I don’t discount the value of training courses or a Bible college education. And I’m grateful that God’s grace allocates exceptional presentation skills to a few choice servants. The magnetic pull of a riveting personality certainly enhances the atmosphere of a classroom, and confidence in our gifts and calling helps sustains us as teachers.

These abilities, however, are not what make our words as speakers and teachers powerful and effective. What matters most isn’t intrinsic to us, something we can add to our resume, or part of our gift mix. It isn’t something we can work to obtain or improve with experience, and it isn’t anything for which we can take credit or boast.

The basis for confidence in our ministries and the key that unlocks fruitfulness is the inherent power of God’s Word. No other asset compares to the Holy Spirit’s shuttling of Scripture from the ears of a listener to his mind and heart. I remind myself of this truth time and again. It buoys my spirit and boosts my confidence as a communicator.

Remind Me Again
As a teacher who handles the Word of God, you’re familiar with what Scripture says about itself. No doubt you’ve read and reread verses describing characteristics of God’s Word and why it’s integral to Christian living. If you’re like me, when Satan victimizes you with doubts, feelings of inadequacy, or outright lies about your usefulness, however, you can easily forget verses on the Bible’s capacity to transform lives or fail to appropriate what you know.

You and I need reminders of the nature of Scripture, and we need to review verses that engender hope concerning our communication of God’s Word. I’d like to share two insights about God’s Word that I am constantly relearning.

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