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November 2017 - Feature Article
by Ginger Cox

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November 2017 - Feature Article

When I was five years old, my mother woke me by opening the blinds and singing, “Open up your heart and let the sunshine in.” Now that I am retired, I have a gentler wake-up routine. I call it my WRAP session (Writing, Reading, Aligning, and Praying).

I begin with a writing warm-up in my prayer journal and move to reading Scripture for strength-building. I check my balance and align with God’s will before finishing with an active prayer workout. It may sound daunting, but this joy-filled routine builds my spiritual stamina.

These exercises work best in this order, yet they intertwine. Writing weaves throughout each section; reading teaches, alignment balances, and prayer encompasses everything.

Writing – A Gentle Warm-up

Early every morning, with my coffee mug in hand, I head for my prayer chair. Snuggling into place, I open my journal and begin by writing, “Good morning, LORD” in large generous letters. As my hand scrawls across the page, cloudy thoughts transform into concrete words. Tangled reflections begin to unwind, sometimes in contrasting strands. Passionate praises, as well as pensive pleadings, from yesterday’s events come to mind. My sleepy thoughts may reveal surprises.

Journaling helps one “know thyself,” as Socrates advised. His famous student, Plato, added, “A life which is not examined is not worth living.”

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