Zan Tyler - Champion for Educational Freedom

March 2012 - Cover Story
by Lori Hatcher

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March 2012 - Cover Story

Zan Tyler is a little lady.

On the outside, that is. Diminutive and soft-spoken, she doesn’t fit the profile of a champion, but like David in the biblical account of Israel’s battle with the Philistines, Zan Tyler has slain her share of giants in the name of the Lord.
Homeschooling families in South Carolina trace most of the freedoms they now enjoy to the courage and determination of this little lady.

A native South Carolinian, Tyler grew up in Columbia, attended Richland 1 and 2 schools, and graduated cum laude from Furman University with a degree in Economics and Business Administration. The daughter of John Peters, a USC School of Law graduate and Sybil Peters, a long-time Richland 1 and 2 school teacher, Tyler was no stranger to the political process. Elected governor of Palmetto Girls State her senior year at Spring Valley High School, she was able to travel South Carolina with Sen. Strom Thurmond during his 1972 election campaign. As a stay-at-home mother of two in the early ‘80s, Tyler assumed her days of political involvement were behind her.

Tyler and her husband Joe, then a project manager for Policy Management Systems, were typical conscientious parents. Eagerly involved in their first child’s education, they were concerned about Ty’s frustrating year of kindergarten in a private school.

Why did Christ die for you?

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