November 2010 - Young Minds
by Ann-Marie Christy

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November 2010 - Young Minds

It is easy to be passionate about personal hobbies, loved ones, or commendable causes. So many times, my fervor is channeled toward things of this world, many of which are wonderful and sometimes beneficial, but not always worthy. Recently, I was convicted to evaluate how many of my efforts, thoughts, and drives are centered around self. This includes aspects of my life that, ultimately, will not matter or carry over into eternity. There are so many praiseworthy causes, but many have the potential to steer me away from my main course, which should point directly to Jesus Christ. I find the most subtle distractions also are the most lethal. I may be engaging in a “good” activity for a “good” cause but can easily lose sight of Christ as the main goal.
The question before me is this: Where should my affections, loyalty, and passion reside? God sums it up well in His words to Moses concerning one of the Israelites, Phinehas, who made a bold stand against Israel’s veering away from God toward the foreign, idolatrous nation of Moab. As Numbers 25:11b says, “… for he was as zealous as I am for my honor among them [Israelites]…” In verse 13, God pronounces a blessing over Phinehas, saying, “He and his descendants will have a covenant of a lasting priesthood, …

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