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January 1st, 2012

Why advertise with Reach Out, Columbia?

Reach Out, Columbia is refreshing, innovative, transparent, and inspiring. We are often told by our readers, men and women alike, “I read ROC cover to cover.” Readers use Scripture-filled articles to supplement Sunday school lessons, pastors reference articles in their sermons, and countless readers have rushed articles off to friends or family who are in need of encouragement.

We have assembled talented and experienced writers from Columbia and around the nation to present an authoritative and compelling publication that is distributed each month in high traffic areas throughout the Midlands, and through subscriptions.

Readers may pick up their copies at professional offices, churches, libraries, bookstores, restaurants, car washes, salons, health clubs, bus stops, area universities and many other convenient locations. And they keep them, giving the magazine a long shelf life. In short, this is an excellent way to get your message out to thousands of readers throughout our region.

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