January 1st, 2012

I wanted to write to encourage you and your team for the great Christian magazine you produce. Every time I pass by . . . a new issue, I am led to take a copy and read it. I find every article to be inspiring and comforting. Your magazine reminds me of the publication Guidepost which Norman Vincent Peale published for so many years. While I still take Guidepost, I am very grateful for your local effort and eagerly look forward to each issue. Robert H.

. . . I marvel at the quality and depth of your magazine and enjoy reading every issue. In addition, some benefactor has paid to insure that our waiting room is stocked with your magazine so that our patients receive that boost of encouragement while they wait. Many patients take a copy with them when they leave. Dennis C.

Every issue of ROC surpasses its predecessor, and this month’s issue is no exception. Each issue inspires me to see God in the world around me. Lori H.

I love your magazine! I am interested to find out what advertising rates are. I want to promote our business to families in the Midlands. Robert B.

You continue to amaze me as you keep putting out quality magazine after quality magazine. You are really helping God bless this community. Anne C.

I recently happened upon Reach Out Columbia! and was impressed to learn about such a great free magazine for the Christian community! I run a small business marketing firm, and I occasionally have the opportunity to work with strong Christian clients who would be interested in sharing their stories and inspirations. What is your policy on press releases and guest contributors? Jacque R.

. . . I just read through the Reach Out Columbia! magazine for the first time. My experience, once I opened it, I was consumed and did not take my eyes from it until reading from front to back covers. The articles were enriching, inspiring, informative and entertaining. Lisa B.

I got ROC yesterday! This issue is awesome! The content of the entire magazine was extremely thought-provoking and inspiring. K.S.

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