Well, MercyMe!

September 2019 - Cover Story
by Jean Wilund

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September 2019 - Cover Story

If not for the lack of wood, MercyMe may never have cranked out twenty-three #1 singles or be headed to Columbia’s Colonial Life Arena on October 18 with Crowder and Micah Tyler for their “Imagine Nation Tour.”

Twenty-five years ago, guitarist and college freshman Mike Scheuchzer needed to create something—anything—for a class assignment. He decided to build a guitar case. But he didn’t have wood or enough time. So he enlisted his friend and singer Bart Millard to help him write a song. Their creation, “All for the One Who Won for All,” never made it onto a record, but it earned Mike an A and gave the two a foretaste of the multi-platinum career God would call them into. They never imagined where their collaboration would lead. Certainly not to the box office smash hit film I Can Only Imagine and more than 100 musical award nominations.

Mike and Bart formed MercyMe in 1994. Today, the band includes drummer Robby Shaffer, bassist Nathan Cochran, and six stringer Barry Graul. These six unique musicians share one common goal: to point people to Christ and help them worship him in truth and joy through great music.

Reach Out, Columbia talked with Mike as he and the band prepared for their fall tour.

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